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Comforting Hands


What led Melissa Dye and Alisa Peterson-White on this journey to provide support during bereavement, is the own losses that they both have endured. There were very few resources and what they found was out of town. They both have degrees in psychology and decided to start their own grief support group. Volunteering their own time, to provide a need for a grievance support group here in the Lake Cumberland area.

Learn more on our Facebook page.


Our goal is to offer support, to hear each other’s stories and to come together for healing. There is such a lasting recovery in being able to share your personal story of your loved one. To remember them, honor them and miss them is all a part of the process. The 5 stages of grief:

  1. Denial (The feeling of disbelief)

  2. Anger (Mad at God, loved one or even self)

  3. Bargaining (To negotiate with God so that this never happens again)

  4. Depression (Feeling numb or feeling great sadness)

  5. Acceptance (While still dealing with the sadness, you find a way to engage in everyday life activity again)

No matter which stage you may be going through, we are here to help and support you throughout your journey.


Alisa Peterson-white is a professional dog trainer and will be bringing a couple of therapy dogs to each session, in hopes of offering some support as well. Dogs have an uncanny ability to know when someone needs extra love and support. Dogs have played a pivotal role in Melissa’s and Alisa’s own healing process. This will be a group setting format.


For more information, please call Alisa Peterson-White at 606.448.1902. Leave a message and she will call you back ASAP.

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