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Feast of Saint Mildred Mass

Feast of Saint Mildred Mass



5:00 PM


St. Mildred Church

St. Mildred, was bom around 660 and was the daughter of Merewalh, King of Mercia, and his wife, St. Ermenburga of Thanet. She was educated at the convent school of Chelles, near Paris. Following her stay in France, she was pursued by a young man with marriage in mind.

Mildred rejected his overtures and entered a monastery called Minster that had been founded by her mother. The monastery was located on the Isle of Thanet, and St. Theodore of Canterbury received her into the community of which she eventually became abbess.

Mildred had a reputation for great holiness and a generosity and compassion to the poor and rejected. She died around 732 in Minster-in- Thanet, Kent

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